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Smoky Beef Brisket

This is the best brisket we’ve had since we left Texas. My husband and I decided this will be the one and only brisket recipe we’ll ever use. It’s that good! We don’t have a smoker, but have adapted a recipe using smoked ingredients that tastes like you smoked it for hours. It’s got plenty of good “bark” too, which is important in a proper Texas brisket. Get your favorite potato salad ready and go to town.

Here’s the rub:

3 Tbsp pimenton (smoked Spanish paprika; other paprika will do)
2 Tbsp dried ground chipotle or ancho chile powder
(ancho doesn’t have a smoky flavor, but it’s milder than chipotle)
2 Tbsp hickory-smoked salt (may substitute table or Kosher salt, it just won’t be “smoky”)
2 Tbsp ground black pepper
2 Tbsp brown sugar
1 1/2 Tbsp garlic powder
1 1/2 Tbsp onion powder

This rub makes enough for a large brisket (>10 lbs). Use less for a small or half brisket.

Smear rub all over brisket and let it sit at room temp for several hours.

To cook:
Clean and oil upper oven rack.
Line pan that is larger than brisket with foil and place on bottom rack to catch juices.
Place brisket directly on upper oven rack and cook at 250 degrees for 1.5 hours per pound. It’s done when internal temp reaches 200 degrees or when it comes apart easily with a fork.